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Tag : Setting up Microsoft Outlook for 7 users

Date : October-2021

Outlook Setup and Support

Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange have been the mainstay of email for the majority of companies for the past 15 years. It combines well with all other Microsoft products such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint and has great features and benefits.

A reliable email system is now essential for all companies and at ICM we have been working with Outlook and Exchange for over 20 years. We have the skills and knoweledge to setup systems, to manage them and to integrate them with other software to make your processes more efficient.

Based near Halesowen we are ideally suited to support businesses throughout the Midlands region.


This small Hagley business had been using a single email account for many years. As they are growing they recognised that each user needed their own email account and wanted to run outlook to do this.

Following a meeting we established that the company could easily use all of their current hardware and software licences and so didn't need to upgrade.

We created new user accounts on their exchange server, and set up access for each person.

The outlook client on each staff members desktop was updated for their new email account,

We made sure everyone was happy with the new setup and each employee has access to our IT Helpdesk for any questions or problems.