Tag : Setting up Sharepoint for 35 users

Date : December-2021

Sharepoint Setup and Support

Microsoft Sharepoint is part of the the Office suite of products from Microsoft. It allows those within an organisation to access folders and files from a central store - and collaborate on Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

It can be accessed to authorised users from multiple devices and wherever they have an internet connection and so makes remote working far easier.

At ICM we can set-up the sharepoint site and grant access to users. We will work with you to identify which users can access which folders and so allow confidential information to remain private.

Based near Halesowen we are ideally suited to support businesses throughout the Midlands region.


This Wolverhampton based business with 35 staff recognised that they need to centralise their data storage. Users were keeping information on laptops, portable hardrives or in personal cloud storgae.

From a security perspective and also having multiple versions of important documents, this was obviously not ideal.

We met with the company and established their best solution was a Sharepoint solution, where all files are stored within the cloud and users can access, modify and save all of their work in a central location.

We set up user groups and security groups and a folder structure so staff had access to all of the documents they needed, but were blocked from files and folders which they didn't need.

All of the team were shown how to use the SharePoint server and how to access their files.

The team has access to to our IT support helpdesk for any questions or problems.