Office 365 support

Tag : Setting up Office 365 for 10 users

Date : March-2021

Office 365 Set Up

Office 365 is the latest version of Microsoft Office products, and contains a suite of software which most people are familiar with. It has been designed to run in the cloud and allows users to work seamlessly wherever they have an internet connection.

Setting up multiple users and file sharing can be a little complex and the specialist Office 365 team at ICM are on hand to set everything up and move any existing files and folders and email accounts into the Office 365 platform.

Based near Halesowen we are ideally suited to support businesses throughout the Midlands region.


This small business with a team of 10, wanted to upgrade their systems to the latest version of Office.

They approached us to help them, and we put in place a plan to move them from their current system to the new one. We made sure all of their data was properly backed up before we started.

We arranged the purchase of the office 365 licences, and installed them onto each laptop and desktop. The old software versions were removed and new ones installed.

Our team were on-site to help the staff aclimatise to the new software and show them where there files and folders were stored.