Ransomware Recovery

Tag : Ransware Recovery Services

Date : October-2021

Systems to prevent and Recover from Ransomware

All business are vunerable to a sophisticated ransomware attack, and our client based in West Bromwich was targetted when they set up a dropbox account with a weak password.

When the dropbox site was compromised it created a Ransomware attack which prevented access to their server, data and all office PCs.

After recovering from the initial shock and the horrifying feeling that they had made a massive mistake, they called our IT support phone line.

Recognising this was a major problem for the business, we responded immediately to put together a full recovery plan.

The first step was to ensure the problem didn't spread, and that the data held on their servers was safe. We took all all of their equipment offline and using our data recovery tools we went back to their cloud backup to start to recover the data onto a loan server.

Ransomware Recovery

The loan server gave us the fastest route to rebuild their network - taking an image of their server from a time before the attack and transferring to the loan machine. Within a few hours their system was rebuilt and the data restored to it's pre Ransomware attack state.

Since the attack our customer has now onboarded to our EDR Managed antivirus that deals with such attacks in a very efficient way preventing future attacks, and avoiding the disruption to the business.

Based near Halesowen we are ideally suited to support businesses throughout the Midlands region.