A Day in the Life of Our IT Helpdesk Engineers

Our day starts with our engineers logging into the ticketing and email systems, checking emails, reviewing any overnight tickets or escalations, and updating the task list for the day. The engineers may also participate in team meetings or briefings to discuss priorities, ongoing projects, or any new updates.

The first hour or so in the morning tend to be really busy, checking the system monitoring software to ensure that all servers are running properly, and that overnight cloud backups have run correctly.

Our IT helpdesk engineers work primarily with a ticketing system, which is used to log, track, and prioritize user issues or requests. They'll review and analyse incoming tickets, categorise them based on urgency and impact, and start working on the most critical or time-sensitive ones first. This involves gathering information, conducting initial troubleshooting, and escalating the tickets to other teams if necessary.

Keeping Skills Up To Date

Our IT helpdesk engineers continuously enhance their technical skills and stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in the IT industry. They may participate in training sessions, webinars, or workshops to learn about new software applications, hardware components, or IT security practices. They also stay informed about industry certifications that can boost their career prospects.

  • Continuous Development Training for all Staff
  • Microsoft Certified Engineers
  • Personal Career Development Plans for all Staff

Our IT Helpdesk team are at the core of our businesses and we work hard to make sure they are supported and able to eliver the best customer service as possible.

a day in the life of our it engineers
  • May 25, 2023
  • Phil Gwinnell

How Intuitive Computer Management Charges for IT Support?

Our starting point for each client is to create the best solution for their individual needs.

For most clients we will charge a flat rate monthly fee, which is based on the volume of servers, laptops, peripherals and users

To give an idea of costs, simply get in touch for a quote tailored to your specific circumstances. This gives access to all of the services outlined below.

The Monthly Fee Covers...

  • Access to our Halesowen Based IT Helpdesk
  • Unlimited Support
  • Replacement of Hardware if Yours Fails
  • Remote Monitoring of Networks and Servers
  • Remote Support to Analyse and Fix Most Problems
  • Site Visits where Problems Cannot be Solved Remotely

To receive a accurate quote, please contact us, and will will talk through the options and create a bespoke package of IT Support.

Get a Quote

a day in the life of our it engineers
a day in the life of our it engineers
Ia day in the life of our it engineers

Intuitive Compueter Management is a well established team of friendly IT support professionals who value customer service and have a loyal client base grown over many years. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to ensure clients always receive the best IT support we can give.


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